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New Posts! – Novemeber 2nd, 2017

Non-Traumatic Monocular Vision Loss – CoreEM – November 2017

A review of the differential diagnoses, pathophysiology, presentations, and ED management of the various causes of monocular vision loss.

*See more Ophthalmology*

non-ocular vision loss


Disorders of Hemostasis – Canadiem – October 2017

A podcast discussion on Disorders of Hemostasis – focusing on platelet disorders, abnormal coagulation studies, hemophilia, and DIC – based off Rosen’s Chapter 122 with written summary.

*See more on Hematology*

disorders of hemostasis


COPD Mimics – emDocs – October 2017

Discussing COPD mimics with a review of COPD exacerbations and the differentials – including respiratory, cardiac, vascular, and neurologic conditions.

*See more on COPD*

COPD mimics


Dermatologic Presentations – Canadiem – October 2017

A podcast discussion on Dermatologic Presentations – including how to describe lesions, systemic diseases with cutaneous findings, and many infectious/inflammatory dermatologic conditions – based off Rosen’s chapter 120 with written summary.

*See more on Dermatology*

derm presentations


Rh-D Alloimmunization in the ED – TamingtheSRU – October 2017 

Discussing the prevention of Rh-D Alloimmunization in the ED – focusing on indications for Rhogam and appropriate timing of dosing, as well as helpful investigations.

*See more on Medical Complications in Pregnancy*

Rh alloimmunization


Lyme Disease – EMCases – October 2017 

A podcast discussion on lyme disease – including the regions of concern within Canada, acute vs disseminated disease presentations, making the diagnosis, and the appropriate treatment and prophylaxis for lyme disease.

*See more on Environmental Emergencies*

lyme disease


Posts – October 20th, 2017

Budd Chiari Syndrome – emDocs – October 2017

Discussing the etiologies, presentation, work-up, diagnosis, and goals of management for patient’s with Budd Chiari syndrome.

*See more Gastrointestinal*

Budd Chiari


Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome – CoreEM – October 2017

Discussing hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome (HHS) – focusing on the pathophysiology and causes, clinical manifestations, investigations, and appropriate management.

*See more on Endocrinology*



Vasculitides & SLE – Canadiem – October 2017

A podcast discussion on vasculitides and SLE – including details on Lupus, temporal arteritis, erythema nodosum and HSP – based off Rosen’s Chapter 118 with written summary.

*See more on Rheumatology*

SLE and vasculitides


GI Bleeds Part 1 & Part 2 – EM Cases – October 2017

A 2-part podcast series focusing on GI Bleeds. Part 1 includes differentiating upper vs lower bleeding, airway management, utility of investigations, transfusion and resuscitations goals. Part 2 includes the benefits of commonly used medications and risk stratification tools.

*See more on GI Bleeds*

GI Bleeds EM Cases 1

GI Bleeds EM Cases 2


End Stage Renal Disease Emergencies – emDocs – October 2017 

Discussing ESRD associated emergencies including neurologic, cardiopulmonary, infectious, and vascular access associated conditions.

*See more on Renal Failure*



Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis – CoreEM – October 2017 

A review of mechanism of injury, risk factors, clinical presentation, imaging findings, and ED management of SCFE.

*See more on Pediatric MSK*



Posts – October 2nd, 2017

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy– ERCast – September 2017

A podcast discussion on Wernicke’s Encephalopathy including the pathophysiology, presentations, those at risk, and the appropriate treatment.

*See more on Toxicology*



Orbital Cellulitis – PEM Morsels – September 2017

Discussing the definition, pathogens, classification, approach to management (Antibiotics vs Surgery), and complications of orbital cellulitis.

*See more on Infectious Disease*

orbital cellulitis


Atraumatic Low Back Pain – ALiEM – September 2017

A podcast discussion with written summary on non-traumatic low back pain – focusing on the can’t miss diagnoses, red flags, important exam findings, and use of imaging.

*See more on Back Pain*

atraumatic LBP


Retropharyngeal Abscess – emDocs – September 2017

Discussing the concerning historical and exam findings, use of investigations, and treatment of retropharyngeal abscesses.

*See more on ENT Emergencies*

retropharyngeal abscess


Psychosis Mimics – emDocs – September 2017 

A review of psychosis mimics including concerning features for organic causes and a systems based differential of the can’t-miss causes.

*See more on Psychiatry*

psychosis mimics


CNS Infections – Canadiem – September 2017 

A podcast review of CNS infections – focusing on the presentations, pathogens, diagnosis, and management of meningitis, brain abscesses, and encephalitis – based of Rosen’s Chapter 109 with written summary.

*See more on Neurology*

CNS infections



Posts – September 14th, 2017

Disaster Medicine – EMCases – September 2017

A podcast discussion on the general approach to mass casualties, critical infrastructure disruption in the ED, management of biohazards, chemical hazards, and natural disaster evacuation principles.

*See more on Resuscitation/Trauma*

disaster medicine


Placenta Previa – TamingtheSRU – September 2017

A case based discussion on placenta previa – including the classification, presentation, and approach to emergent management.

*See more on Vaginal Bleeding*

Placenta Previa


Peripheral Nerve Disorders – Canadiem – September 2017

A podcast review of peripheral nerve disorders – focusing on classifications, presentations, diagnosis, and management approaches – based off Rosen’s Chapter 107 with written summary.

*See more on Neurology*

peripheral nerve disorders


Brain & Cranial Nerve Disorders – Canadiem – August 2017

A podcast review of brain and cranial nerve disorders – focusing on the presentation, diagnosis, and management of certain neuropathies including multiple sclerosis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 105 with written summary.

*See more on Neurology*

brain cranial nerve disorders


Button Battery Ingestion – RebelEM – September 2017

Discussing the approach to button battery ingestion including concerning symptoms, investigations, and ED management.

*See more on Pediatric Gastroenterology*

button battery


Pediatric Encephalitis – dontforgetthebubbles – September 2017 

Reviewing the etiologies and differential, diagnostic considerations, investigations, and management of pediatric encephalitis.

*See more on Pediatric Neurology*



Headaches – Canadiem – September 2017 

A podcast review of headaches – focusing on an approach to headaches, including the red flags and key history questions to clinch the diagnosis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 103 with written summary.

*See more on Headaches*

headache disorders


Posts – September 1st, 2017

Pacemaker Basics – RebelEM – August 2017

Discussing the different types, indications, ECG findings, and malfunctions/complications of pacemakers.

*See more on Arrhythmias*



Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome – emDocs – August 2017

A review of benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome – focusing on the presentations, differential, investigations, and treatment considerations.

*See more on Toxicology*

BZD withdrawal


Gastroenteritis Mimics – emDocs – August 2017

Discussing the various gastrointestinal, vascular, cardiac, and gynecologic diagnoses that may mimic gastroenteritis, including management considerations.

*See more on Gastroenterology*

gastroenteritis mimics


Stroke – Canadiem – August 2017

A podcast review of Stroke – focusing on the etiologies, presentations, and indications/contraindications for thrombolysis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 101 with written summary.

*See more on Stroke/TIA*



Herpes Zoster – CoreEM – August 2017 

Discussing the background, presentation, differential diagnosis, management, and important complications of Herpes Zoster.

*See more on Rashes*

herpes zoster


Management of Increased ICP – EMCases – August 2017 

A podcast discussion on the recognition and initial management of increased ICP including BP management, osmotic agents, and intubation considerations.

*See more on Neurology*

increased ICP


Posts – August 16th, 2017

Drug Related Eosinophilia with Systemic Symptoms – emDocs – August 2017

Discussing Drug Related Eosinophilia with Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) focusing on the pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnosis, and appropriate management.

*See more on Dermatology*



Transient Ischemic Attacks – EMCases – August 2017

A two-part video podcast series on the differential diagnosis, key features, important investigations, acute management, and risk stratification of Transient Ischemic Attacks.

*See more on Stroke & TIAs*



Urological Disorders – Canadiem – August 2017

A podcast review of urological disorders – focusing on UTIs, prostatitis, renal & bladder calculi, scrotal pain, urinary retention, and hematuria – based off Rosen’s Chapter 99 with written summary.

*See more on Urology*

urological disorders


Acute Rhinosinusitis – CoreEM – August 2017

Discussing the presentation, classifications, and the approach to appropriate antibiotic use in acute rhinosinusitis. 

*See more on ENT*

acute rhinosinusitis


Pediatric Nasal Fractures – PEM Morsels – August 2017 

Discussing pediatric nasal fractures including the different anatomical considerations, initial evaluation, use of imaging, and appropriate management.

*See more on ENT*

nasal fractures


Renal Failure – Canadiem – August 2017 

A podcast review of renal failure – focusing on the approach to acute and chronic kidney injuries, including causes, complications and treatments – based off Rosen’s Chapter 97 with written summary.

*See more on Renal Failure*

renal failure


Posts – August 1st, 2017

Large Intestine Conditions – Canadiem – July 2017

A podcast review of large intestine conditions – focusing on IBS, IBD, colitis, diverticulitis, obstruction, volvulus, & toxic megacolon – based off Rosen’s Chapter 95 with written summary.

*See more on Gastroenterology*

large intestine


Testicular Pain – PEM Blog- July 2017

Discussing various etiologies for testicular pain including important history and exam findings, testicular torsion, appendix testis, and epididymitis.

*See more on Male Genital Complaints*

testicular pain


Angioedema – CoreEM – July 2017

A podcast review on the approach to angioedema focusing on airway management.

*See more on Anaphylaxis*



DVT Mimics – emDocs – July 2017

Discussing the approach to DVTs and common mimics including emergent and urgent diagnoses with their appropriate investigations.

*See more on Venous Thromboembolism*

DVT mimics


Rhabdomyolysis & Exertional Heat Stroke – emDocs – July 2017 

Discussing the pathophysiology and approach to management of rhabdomyolysis and exertional heat stroke.

*See more on Environmental Injuries*

rhabdo heat stroke


Antibiotic Choice in Cellulitis – CoreEM – July 2017 

A brief podcast review on the choice of antibiotic treatment for cellulitis.

*See more on Skin/Soft Tissue Infections*

cellulitis antibiotics


Posts July 13th, 2017

Neonatal Bloody Stools – PEM Morsels – July 2017

Discussing the differential diagnosis of neonatal bloody stools – including emergent and benign causes.

*See more on Pediatric Gastroenterology*

neonatal bloody stools


Liver & Biliary Disorders – Canadiem – July 2017

A podcast review of liver & biliary disorders – focusing on hepatitis, liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy, infectious concerns, and stones – based off Rosen’s Chapter 90 with written summary.

*See more on Biliary Disorders & Liver Failure*

liver biliary


Intralipid Therapy – emDocs – July 2017

A brief overview of the mechanism of action, indication, administration, and complication of intralipid therapy.

*See more on Toxicology*



Anxiety – emDocs – July 2017

Discussing an approach to anxiety in the ED – including the presentation, management, and important not-to-miss mimics with their respective treatments.

*See more on Mood Disorders*



Procedural Sedation – coreEM – July 2017 

A podcast discussion on how to prepare for procedural sedation and when to use certain analgesics, anxiolytics, sedatives, and provide amnesia for common ED procedures.

*See more on Procedures*

procedural sedation


Pediatric DKA – ALiEM – July 2017 

Discussing the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment approach, and potential complications of pediatric DKA.

*See more on Pediatric Endocrinology*

peds DKA


New Posts! June 30th, 2017

PE & DVTs – Canadiem – June 2017

A podcast review on PE & DVTs – focusing on the differential, usefulness of investigations, risk scores, and management options – based off Rosen’s Chapter 88 with written summary.

*See more on Venous Thromboembolism*



Epiglottitis – emDocs – June 2017

Discussing the etiology, an evaluation approach, investigations, and the prompt treatment considerations for epiglottitis.

*See more ENT Emergencies*



Biliary Colic Mimics – emDocs – June 2017

Discussing an approach to right upper quadrant pain/biliary colic mimics – including biliary tract, intestinal, renal, cardiopulmonary, and vascular causes with brief focus on specific treatments.

*See more on Acute Abdominal Pain*

biliary colic mimics


Peripheral Arteriovascular Disease – Canadiem – June 2017

A podcast review of PAD – focusing on recognition & management of acute ischemia, associated disorders, fistula complications, and management approaches – based off Rosen’s Chapter 87 with written summary.

*See more on Vascular Emergencies*



Dental Damage – dontforgetthebubbles – June 2017 

A brief review of the various types of dental injuries, their classifications, and management plans.

*See more on Dental Emergencies*

dental damage


Pediatric ECGs – TamingSRU – June 2017 

Discussing an approach to pediatric ECGs – focusing on the basics of ECGs and common normal findings that different from adult populations.

*See more on Arrhythmias*

peds ECGs


Posts June 18th, 2017

Euglycemic DKA – emDocs – June 2017

Discussing the pathogenesis, risk factors, association with SGLT-2 inhibitors, and the treatment of euglycemic DKA.

*See more on Diabetic Emergencies*

euglycemic DKA

Dyspnea – CoreEM – June 2017

Discussing an approach to dyspnea – involving the initial assessment, physical exam, differential diagnosis, and the use of POCUS.

*See more on Respiratory Distress*


Appendicitis Mimics – emDocs – June 2017

Discussing the scoring systems and typical presentation for appendicitis – with expansion on the gynecological, urological, and gastroenterological mimics that may be present.

*See more on Acute Abdominal Pain*

appendicits mimics

Major Burns – CoreEM – June 2017

Brief podcast review on the initial approach to the burn patient – focusing on airway control, fluid resuscitation, recognizing compartment syndrome, and CO/CN poisoning.

*See more on Burns*

Major Burns

Hypertensive Emergencies – Canadiem – June 2017 

A podcast review on Hypertension – focusing on the etiologies, recognizing end-organ damage and the HTN emergencies, the appropriate treatment options, and the target BPs in various cases – based off Rosen’s Chapter 84 with written summary.

*See more on Vascular Emergencies*



Ectopic Pregnancy – CoreEM – June 2017 

Discussing the clinical presentation, differential, and approach to unstable and stable patients with ectopic pregnancies.

*See more on Ectopic Pregnancies*

ectopic preg


Posts June 3rd, 2017

Pericardial & Myocardial Disease – Canadiem – June 2017

A podcast review of pericarditis, myocarditis, cardiac tamponade, & the cardiomyopathies – focusing on the presentation, diagnosis, ECG changes, and treatment approaches – based off Rosen’s Chapter 82 with written summary.

*See more on Cardiac Inflammatory Conditions*

pericardial myocardial

Interpreting Liver “Function” Tests – TamingSRU – May 2017

Discussing an approach to the interpretation of liver “function” tests in certain clinical scenarios.

*See more on Liver Failure*


Pelvic Fractures – emDocs – May 2017

Discussing the classifications, mechanisms of injury, imaging considerations, and emergency management of pelvic fractures.

*See more on Fractures*

pelvic fractures

Neutropenic Fevers – PedEM Morsels – May 2017

A review of neutropenic fevers – discussing the definitions, risk stratification, appropriate investigations, and the initial management.

*See more on Infectious Disease*

neutropenic fever

Acute Coronary Syndromes – Canadiem – May 2017 

A 2-part podcast review of ACS – focusing on the presentations, various ECG findings, risk stratification, indications & contraindications to important management options – based off Rosen’s Chapter 78 with written summary.

*See more on Acute Coronary Syndromes*




Posts May 23rd, 2017

Cardioversion in AFib – CoreEM – May 2017

A brief podcast discussion on rhythm control options for recent onset atrial fibrillation – including patient factors, medical vs electrical CV, and indications for anticoagulation.

*See more Arrhythmias*

CV in afib

Sickle Cell Anemia – EMBasic – May 2017

A podcast review of sickle cell anemia – focusing on proper assessments and investigations, red flags, pain control in crisis, complications and disposition.

*See more on Hematology*


Guillain-Barre Syndrome – emDocs – May 2017

Discussing the classification, differential diagnosis, key history of physical findings, diagnostic considerations, management, and prognosis of Guillain Barre Syndrome.

*See more on Neurology*


Safe & Unsafe Medications in Pregnancy – emDocs – May 2017

Reviewing common teratogens, drug labeling systems, and common safe & unsafe “go-to” medications in pregnancy regularly used in the ED.

*See more on Pregnancy*

meds in pregnancy

Hip Dislocations – CoreEM – May 2017 

Discussing the mechanisms of injury, exam findings, imaging considerations, and the multiple reduction techniques for hip dislocations.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

hip dislocations

Pediatric Trauma – EMCases – May 2017 

An in depth podcast discussion on pediatric trauma – focusing on the preparation, key primary survey points including RSI and shock, secondary survey pearls, and transportation considerations.

*See more on Trauma*

pediatric trauma


Posts May 9th, 2017

Pneumonia – Canadiem – May 2017

A podcast review of pneumonia – focusing on pathogens (viral and bacterial) for various settings and their appropriate treatments, CXR findings, and risk stratification – based off Rosen’s Chapter 76 with written summary.

*See more Pneumonia*


Pediatric Increased ICP – PEMBlog – May 2017

A podcast discussion on the clinical presentation and appropriate early management considerations for elevated ICP in pediatrics.

*See more on Pediatrics*


COPD – Canadiem – May 2017

A podcast review of COPD – focusing on severity classification, recognition of acute exacerbations, treatment considerations, and CXR findings – based off Rosen’s Chapter 74 with written summary.

*See more on Asthma/COPD*


Asthma – Canadiem – April 2017

A podcast review of asthma – focusing on differentials to acute wheeze and worrisome presentations, acute exacerbation managements, and disposition – based off Rosen’s Chapter 73 with written summary.

*See more Asthma/COPD*


Mammal Bites – CoreEM – April 2017 

A podcast discussion on animal (dog & cat) and human bites focusing on wound closure, antibiotic choices, and rabies prophylaxis.

*See more on Bites*

Mammal bites

Finger Injuries – CoreEM – April 2017 

Discussing a variety of extensor, flexor, and collateral finger injuries including mechanisms of injury, exam findings, appropriate management and possible complications.

*See more Fractures/Dislocations*

Finger injuries