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New Posts! – July 30th, 2018

Femoral Shaft Fractures – CoreEM – July 2018

A review of the mechanism of injury, diagnosis, classification, and ED management of femoral shaft fractures.

*See more on Lower Extremity Fractures*

femoral fractures


Back Pain – Canadiem – July 2018

Discussing an organized approach to back pain including key points on history, special exams, and investigations for important causes of back pain.

*See more on Back Pain*

back exam


Neutropenic Fever – RebelEM – July 2018

Discussing the causes, ED evaluation, risk stratification, and management of febrile neutropenia.

*See more on Oncology*

Neutropenic Fever


Sinus Tachycardia – RebelEM – July 2018

Discussing pathophysiology and a systematic approach to identifying the various causes of sinus tachycardia.

*See more on Arrhythmias*

sinus tachycardia


Tachydysrhythmias – emCases – July 2018

A podcast discussion of key points to recognize and manage both narrow and wide complex tachydysrhythmias with written summary.

*See more on Arrhythmias*



Facial Fractures – CoreEM – July 2018

A review of the anatomy, diagnosis, and management of facial fractures – focusing on frontal bone, orbital bone, zygoma, mid face (Le Fort), and mandibular fractures.

*See more on Fractures*

facial fractures


Posts – June 21st, 2018

Bundle Branch Blocks – CoreEM – June 2018

Discussing bundle branch and fascicular blocks including the physiology, diagnostic criteria, and ECG examples.

*See more on ECGs*



Hemophilia in the ED – emDocs – June 2018

Discussing hemophilia management in the ED focusing on the different types, indications for factor replacement and what to use.

*See more on Hematology*



The Immunocompromised Patient – Canadiem – June 2018

A podcast discussion on Immunocompromised Patients – focusing on the types of altered immunity, causes, febrile neutropenia and other immune compromised states – based off Rosen’s Chapter 187 with written summary.

*See more on Oncology*

immunocompromised patient


Nerve Agent Poisoning – Canadiem – May 2018

Discussing the pathophysiology, clinical features, specific managements, and disposition for nerve agent poisoning.

*See more on Toxicology*

nerve agents


Penetrating Neck Injuries – RebelEM – May 2018

Discussing the anatomic considerations, red flags, specific injuries, and appropriate management of penetrating neck trauma.

*See more on ENT Emergencies*

neck injuries


Vertigo in Children – PEMMorsels – May 2018

A review of common & uncommon causes and important evaluation considerations for pediatric vertigo.

*See more on Pediatrics*



Posts – May 17th, 2018

Medical Complications in Pregnancy – Canadiem – May 2018

A podcast discussion on Medical Emergencies in Pregnancy focusing on co-morbid conditions and the appropriate management for both mother and fetus – based off Rosen’s Chapter 178 with written summary.

*See more on Obs/Gyne*

med conditions pregnancy


Post-Partum Hemorrhage – CoreEM – May 2018

Discussing the causes, presentation, and ED management of post-partum hemorrhage.

*See more on Obs/Gyne*



Kawasaki Disease – PEMBlogs – May 2018

A podcast discussion on the presentation, diagnostic criteria, appropriate management and potential complications of Kawasaki Disease.

*See more on Pediatrics*

kawasaki disease


Pediatric Neurologic Disorders – Canadiem – May 2018

A podcast discussion on Pediatric Neurological Disorders – including febrile & non-febrile seizures, headaches, and other specific neurological conditions – based off Rosen’s Chapter 174 with written summary.

*See more on Pediatric Neurology*

peds neuro


Eyelid Lacerations – TamingtheSRU – May 2018

A brief overview of eyelid lacerations including important anatomical considerations, approach to evaluation, and worrisome findings.

*See more on Lacerations*

eyelid lacs


Pediatric Cardiac Disorders – Canadiem – April 2018

A podcast discussion on Pediatric Cardiac Disorders – including congenital heart disease, murmurs, Acute Rheumatic Fever, and dysrhythmias – based off Rosen’s Chapter 171 with written summary.

*See more on Pediatric Cardiology*

peds cardiac


Posts – May 1st, 2018

ED Care of Lactating Patients – FOAMcast – May 2018

Discussing considerations to medication use in breast feeding women, an overview and treatment of mastitis, and general care for the lactating patient.

*See more on Obs/Gyne*



Testicular Torsion – CoreEM – April 2018

A podcast discussion on testicular torsion – including when to consider it, investigations for appropriate diagnosis, and possible ED treatment techniques.

*See more on Urology*

testicular torsion


Pediatric GI Disorders – Canadiem – April 2018

A podcast discussion on Pediatric GI Disorders – focusing on hyperbilirubemia, pyloric stenosis (and other biliary tract disorders), GERD, NEC, volvulus, intussusception, Hirschsrpung’s, Meckel’s, and HSP – based off Rosen’s Chapter 172 with written summary.

*See more on Pediatric Gastroenterology*

peds GI disorders


Esophageal Perforation – emDocs – April 2018

Discussing history & exam pearls/pitfalls, investigations, appropriate resuscitation and management of esophageal perforations.

*See more on Gastrointestinal*

esophageal perforation


Jones Fractures – CoreEM – April 2018

A review of the classifications, mechanism of injury, exam and imaging findings, and appropriate management of Jones fractures.

*See more on Fractures & Dislocations*

Jones Fracture


Scarlet Fever – dontforgetthebubbles – April 2018

Discussing Scarlet Fever – focusing on the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and potential complications.

*See more on Pediatrics*

Scarlet Fever


Posts – April 23rd, 2018

Abdominal Xrays – TamingtheSRU – April 2018

Discussing abdominal XRays – the indications, identifying specific pathologies, and approach to specific findings.

*See more on Gastrointestinal*

abdominal Xray


Pediatric Lower Airway Obstructions – Canadiem – April 2018

A podcast discussion on Pediatric Lower Airway Obstruction – focusing on asthma and bronchiolitis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 168 with written summary.

*See more on Pediatric Respirology*

Peds lower airway


Dengue Fever – First10EM – April 2018

A review of Dengue Fever – including the presenting symptoms, course of illness, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

*See more on Infectious Disease*

Dengue Fever


Forearm Fractures – CoreEM – April 2018

Discussing the mechanism of injuries, classification, exam and Xray findings, and ED management of Monteggia & Galeazzi forearm fractures.

*See more on Fractures and Dislocations*

forearm fractures


Uveitis – TamingtheSRU – April 2018

Discussing the relevant anatomy, presentation, etiology, evaluation, and treatment for Uveitis.

*See more on Red Eyes*



General Approach to Pediatric Patients – Canadiem – April 2018

A podcast discussion on Pediatric Patients – focusing on age specific vitals, pediatric ABCs, physiologic considerations and indicators of child abuse – based off Rosen’s with written summary.

*See more on Pediatrics*

pediatric patient


Posts – March 27th, 2018

Lithium Toxicity – Canadiem – March 2018

A podcast discussion on Lithium Toxicity – focusing on the presentation, risk factors, management, and complications – based off Rosen’s Chapter 154 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*

lithium toxicity


Interpreting Pelvic Xrays – TamingtheSRU – March 2018

Discussing an approach to interpreting pelvic xrays focusing on indications for specific views and fracture identification.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

pelvic xrays


Hemorrhagic Shock – emDocs – March 2018

A review of the important history of exam details, lab interpretation, resuscitation approach, and the treatment considerations in hemorrhagic shock.

*See more on Shock*

hemorrhagic shock


Iron & Heavy Metal Toxicity – Canadiem – March 2018

A podcast discussion on Iron & Heavy Metal Toxicity – focusing on the presentation, phases of toxicity, the management of iron toxicity; as well as lead, arsenic, and mercury toxicity – based off Rosen’s Chapter 151 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*

heavy metals


Simplifying Mechanical Ventilation – RebelEM – March 2018

A simplified review of mechanical ventilation – including the types of breaths, delivery methods, and ventilator modes.

*See more on Mechanical Ventilation*

mechanical ventilation


Air Embolism – CoreEM – February 2018

A podcast discussion on Air Embolisms – focusing on the causes, the presentation, and an approach to urgent management.

*See more on Procedures*

air embolism


Posts – March 5th, 2018

Blunt Ocular Trauma – EMCases – February 2018

A podcast discussion on blunt ocular trauma including physical exam pearls, orbital compartment syndrome, approach to lateral canthotomy, hyphema and globe rupture.

*See more on Eye Emergencies*

blunt ocular trauma


Cardiovascular Drug Toxicity – Canadiem – February 2018

A podcast discussion on cardiovascular drug toxicity – focusing on digoxin, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, clonidine, nitrates – based off Rosen’s Chapter 147 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*

cardiovascular drugs


MCL Injuries – CoreEM – February 2018

Discussing the mechanism of injury, physical exam findings, classifications, and ED management of MCL injuries.

*See more on Lower Extremity Injuries*

MCL injuries


Hydrocarbon Toxicity – Canadiem – February 2018

A podcast discussion on Hydrocarbon toxicity – focusing on the toxicological effects and ED management – based off Rosen’s Chapter 152 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*

hydrocarbon toxicity


Caustic Agent Toxicity – Canadiem – February 2018

A podcast discussion on Caustic agent toxicity – oral exposure to caustic agents, including the ED management, complications and potential treatment – based on Rosen’s Chapter 153 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*



Toxic Alcohols – Canadiem – February 2018

Discussing toxic alcohols including poisoning recognition, clinical and lab clues, limitations of the osmolar gap, goals of management, and time sensitive treatments.

*See more on Toxicology*

toxic alcohols


Posts – February 13th, 2018

Antidepressant Toxicology – Canadiem – February 2018

A podcast discussion on AntiDepressant toxicology – focusing on TCA and MAOI toxicity, Serotonin Syndrome and NMS – based off Rosen’s Chapter 146 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*



Episcleritis & Scleritis – TamingtheSRU – February 2018

Discussing the pathologies of episcleritis and scleritis with pearls to guide diagnosis and treatment.

*See more on Red Eyes*



ASA & NSAID Toxicology – Canadiem – February 2018

A podcast discussion on ASA & NSAID toxicology – focusing on the presentation, management approaches, and complications of ASA and NSAID overdose – based off Rosen’s Chapter 149 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*



Crashing Tracheostomy Patient – ALiEM – January 2018

A review of tracheostomies and a simplified approach to the crashing patient with a tracheostomy.

*See more on Airways*



Acetaminophen Toxicology – Canadiem – February 2018

A podcast discussion on Tylenol toxicology – focusing on the stages of overdose, indications and specifics for treatment using NAC – based off Rosen’s Chapter 143 with written summary.

*See more on Toxicology*



Parkinson’s in the ED – emDocs – January 2018

Discussing the pathophysiology, variable ED presentations and specific treatment options for Parkinson’s disease complications.

*See more on Neurology*



Posts – January 18th, 2018

Diving Injuries & Dysbarism – Canadiem – January 2018

A podcast discussion on Diving Injuries & Dysbarism – focusing on the pathophysiology, descent & ascent injuries including decompression sickness, and other forms of barotrauma – based off Rosen’s Chapter 143 with written summary.

*See more on Environmental Injuries*

diving injuries


Commonly Missed Ankle Injuries – EMCases – January 2018

A podcast discussion on commonly missed ankle injuries including an approach to ankle XRays, Weber B fracture, high ankle sprain, Tillaux fracture, Maisonneuve fracture, and the snowboarder’s fracture.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

ankle injuries


Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension – CoreEM – January 2018

A podcast review of the presentation, differential diagnosis, investigations (including US), and the appropriate management of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and Central Venous Sinus Thrombosis.

*See more on Headaches*



Postpartum Endometritis – emDocs – January 2018

Discussing the causative pathogens, appropriate evaluation, and necessary management in postpartum patients with endometritis.

*See more on Gynecology*



Boxer’s Fracture – emDocs – January 2018

A review of the diagnosis, imaging findings, appropriate treatment and when to refer for the Boxer’s Fracture.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

boxers fracture


Intracranial Hemorrhage – EMCases – January 2018

A podcast discussion on Intracranial Hemorrhage – focusing on imaging considerations, acute medical management, reversal of anticoagulants, airway considerations, and prognosis.

*See more on Stroke*



Posts – January 2nd, 2018

Frostbite – Canadiem – December 2017

A podcast discussion on Frostbite – focusing on the pathophysiology of injury, risk factors, and treatment – based off Rosen’s Chapter 131 with written summary.

*See more on Environmental Injuries*



Portal Vein Thrombosis – emDocs – December 2017

Discussing the presentation, etiologies, diagnosis, and management of portal vein thrombosis.

*See more on Bleeding/Coagulation*



Tricyclic Antidepressant Toxicity – CoreEM – December 2017

A review of Tricyclic Antidepressant Toxicity including pharmacology, exam and diagnostic findings, and the ED management.

*See more on Toxicology*

TCA toxicity


Small Bowel Obstruction – CoreEM – December 2017

A review of Small Bowel Obstructions focusing on the pathophysiology, presentation, diagnostic tests and findings, and appropriate management.

*See more on Bowel Obstructions*



Bone and Joint Infections – Canadiem – December 2017 

A podcast discussion on Bone & Joint Infections – focusing on the pathogens, features, and treatment of osteomyelitis and septic arthritis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 128 with written summary.

*See more on Joint Infections*

Bone and Joint infections


Pediatric Supracondylar Fractures – CoreEM – December 2017 

Discussing the mechanism of injury, exam findings, fracture types, important imaging findings, and the ED management/referral of pediatric supracondylar fractures.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

Supracondylar fracture


Posts – December 4th, 2017

Bacterial Endocarditis – RebelEM – December 2017

Discussing the risk factors, clinical features, causative pathogens, diagnostic criteria, key investigations, and a treatment approach for bacterial endocarditis.

*See more on Cardiac Infection/Inflammation*

bacterial endocarditis


HIV Infection & AIDS – Canadiem – December 2017

A podcast discussion on HIV/AIDS – focusing on risk factors, defining conditions, HIV specific causes for common presentations, and exposure considerations – based off Rosen’s Chapter 124 with written summary.

*See more on HIV/AIDS*



Viral Illnesses – Canadiem – November 2017

A podcast discussion on Viral Illnesses – focusing on measles, mumps, rubella, herpes viruses, varicella, influenza, and hemorrhagic viruses – based off Rosen’s Chapter 122 with written summary.

*See more on Infectious Diseases*

viral illnesses


Heart Blocks Part 1 & Part 2 – TamingtheSRU – November 2017

A 2-part discussion on heart blocks including the physiology and ECG findings of various blocks, a case-based discussion, and certain management/admission considerations.

*See more on Arrhythmias*

heart blocks


Subtalar Dislocation – CoreEM – November 2017 

Discussing the mechanism of injury, presentation, imaging findings, and ED management including reduction techniques for subtalar dislocations.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

subtalar dislocation


True Knee Dislocations – CoreEM – November 2017 

A podcast discussion on true knee dislocations focusing on when to suspect this injury, key exam details, and when to consider urgent investigations.

*See more on Fractures/Dislocations*

kee dislocations


Posts – November 20th, 2017

Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis – RebelEM – November 2017

Discussing the pathophysiology, presentations, diagnostic considerations (ascitic fluid analysis), and management of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis.

*See more on Liver Failure*



Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – ALiEM – November 2017

A brief overview of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome as various treatment modalities.

*See more on Toxicology*

Cannabinoid HS


Pediatric Infectious Diarrhea – PEM Morsels – November 2017

Discussing the various pathogens, historical considerations, usefulness of investigations, and when to treat pediatric infectious diarrhea.

*See more on Pediatric GI*

Infectious Diarrhea


Renal Colic Mimics – emDocs – November 2017

A review of renal colic mimics – including genitourinary, vascular, gastrointestinal, and respiratory differential diagnoses.

*See more on Renal Stones*

Renal colic mimics


Bites and Stings – CoreEM – November 2017 

A podcast discussion on bites and stings seen in the ED – including common insects, spider bites and scorpions.

*See more on Venom/Bites*

Bites & Stings


Critical Pulmonary Embolism – RebelEM – November 2017 

An in-depth review of the critical PE patient focusing on anatomical/echo considerations and findings, the initial resuscitation and medical management.

*See more on Pulmonary Emboli*

Critical PE


Posts – November 2nd, 2017

Non-Traumatic Monocular Vision Loss – CoreEM – November 2017

A review of the differential diagnoses, pathophysiology, presentations, and ED management of the various causes of monocular vision loss.

*See more Ophthalmology*

non-ocular vision loss


Disorders of Hemostasis – Canadiem – October 2017

A podcast discussion on Disorders of Hemostasis – focusing on platelet disorders, abnormal coagulation studies, hemophilia, and DIC – based off Rosen’s Chapter 122 with written summary.

*See more on Hematology*

disorders of hemostasis


COPD Mimics – emDocs – October 2017

Discussing COPD mimics with a review of COPD exacerbations and the differentials – including respiratory, cardiac, vascular, and neurologic conditions.

*See more on COPD*

COPD mimics


Dermatologic Presentations – Canadiem – October 2017

A podcast discussion on Dermatologic Presentations – including how to describe lesions, systemic diseases with cutaneous findings, and many infectious/inflammatory dermatologic conditions – based off Rosen’s chapter 120 with written summary.

*See more on Dermatology*

derm presentations


Rh-D Alloimmunization in the ED – TamingtheSRU – October 2017 

Discussing the prevention of Rh-D Alloimmunization in the ED – focusing on indications for Rhogam and appropriate timing of dosing, as well as helpful investigations.

*See more on Medical Complications in Pregnancy*

Rh alloimmunization


Lyme Disease – EMCases – October 2017 

A podcast discussion on lyme disease – including the regions of concern within Canada, acute vs disseminated disease presentations, making the diagnosis, and the appropriate treatment and prophylaxis for lyme disease.

*See more on Environmental Emergencies*

lyme disease


Posts – October 20th, 2017

Budd Chiari Syndrome – emDocs – October 2017

Discussing the etiologies, presentation, work-up, diagnosis, and goals of management for patient’s with Budd Chiari syndrome.

*See more Gastrointestinal*

Budd Chiari


Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome – CoreEM – October 2017

Discussing hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome (HHS) – focusing on the pathophysiology and causes, clinical manifestations, investigations, and appropriate management.

*See more on Endocrinology*



Vasculitides & SLE – Canadiem – October 2017

A podcast discussion on vasculitides and SLE – including details on Lupus, temporal arteritis, erythema nodosum and HSP – based off Rosen’s Chapter 118 with written summary.

*See more on Rheumatology*

SLE and vasculitides


GI Bleeds Part 1 & Part 2 – EM Cases – October 2017

A 2-part podcast series focusing on GI Bleeds. Part 1 includes differentiating upper vs lower bleeding, airway management, utility of investigations, transfusion and resuscitations goals. Part 2 includes the benefits of commonly used medications and risk stratification tools.

*See more on GI Bleeds*

GI Bleeds EM Cases 1

GI Bleeds EM Cases 2


End Stage Renal Disease Emergencies – emDocs – October 2017 

Discussing ESRD associated emergencies including neurologic, cardiopulmonary, infectious, and vascular access associated conditions.

*See more on Renal Failure*



Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis – CoreEM – October 2017 

A review of mechanism of injury, risk factors, clinical presentation, imaging findings, and ED management of SCFE.

*See more on Pediatric MSK*



Posts – October 2nd, 2017

Wernicke’s Encephalopathy– ERCast – September 2017

A podcast discussion on Wernicke’s Encephalopathy including the pathophysiology, presentations, those at risk, and the appropriate treatment.

*See more on Toxicology*



Orbital Cellulitis – PEM Morsels – September 2017

Discussing the definition, pathogens, classification, approach to management (Antibiotics vs Surgery), and complications of orbital cellulitis.

*See more on Infectious Disease*

orbital cellulitis


Atraumatic Low Back Pain – ALiEM – September 2017

A podcast discussion with written summary on non-traumatic low back pain – focusing on the can’t miss diagnoses, red flags, important exam findings, and use of imaging.

*See more on Back Pain*

atraumatic LBP


Retropharyngeal Abscess – emDocs – September 2017

Discussing the concerning historical and exam findings, use of investigations, and treatment of retropharyngeal abscesses.

*See more on ENT Emergencies*

retropharyngeal abscess


Psychosis Mimics – emDocs – September 2017 

A review of psychosis mimics including concerning features for organic causes and a systems based differential of the can’t-miss causes.

*See more on Psychiatry*

psychosis mimics


CNS Infections – Canadiem – September 2017 

A podcast review of CNS infections – focusing on the presentations, pathogens, diagnosis, and management of meningitis, brain abscesses, and encephalitis – based of Rosen’s Chapter 109 with written summary.

*See more on Neurology*

CNS infections



Posts – September 14th, 2017

Disaster Medicine – EMCases – September 2017

A podcast discussion on the general approach to mass casualties, critical infrastructure disruption in the ED, management of biohazards, chemical hazards, and natural disaster evacuation principles.

*See more on Resuscitation/Trauma*

disaster medicine


Placenta Previa – TamingtheSRU – September 2017

A case based discussion on placenta previa – including the classification, presentation, and approach to emergent management.

*See more on Vaginal Bleeding*

Placenta Previa


Peripheral Nerve Disorders – Canadiem – September 2017

A podcast review of peripheral nerve disorders – focusing on classifications, presentations, diagnosis, and management approaches – based off Rosen’s Chapter 107 with written summary.

*See more on Neurology*

peripheral nerve disorders


Brain & Cranial Nerve Disorders – Canadiem – August 2017

A podcast review of brain and cranial nerve disorders – focusing on the presentation, diagnosis, and management of certain neuropathies including multiple sclerosis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 105 with written summary.

*See more on Neurology*

brain cranial nerve disorders


Button Battery Ingestion – RebelEM – September 2017

Discussing the approach to button battery ingestion including concerning symptoms, investigations, and ED management.

*See more on Pediatric Gastroenterology*

button battery


Pediatric Encephalitis – dontforgetthebubbles – September 2017 

Reviewing the etiologies and differential, diagnostic considerations, investigations, and management of pediatric encephalitis.

*See more on Pediatric Neurology*



Headaches – Canadiem – September 2017 

A podcast review of headaches – focusing on an approach to headaches, including the red flags and key history questions to clinch the diagnosis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 103 with written summary.

*See more on Headaches*

headache disorders