Feb 2016


While there has been an explosion of high quality, online, educational media in the field of emergency medicine in the recent years, learners have a difficult time navigating the many websites to find resources that meet their current and evolving learning goals. ILearnEM aims to curate the highest quality and free learning resources available online to cover the fundamental topics in emergency medicine. As in a textbook, links to these resources will be systematically organized and is guided by the Priority Topics for the CCFP-EM list from which the licensing exam is based. Topics are further broken down into “approach to” and “beyond the basics” categories. Whether you are a medical student interested in EM, a new EM resident, a Family Medicine Practitioner working in a rural ED or wanting to challenge the Canadian EM licensing exam, or even an ER doc just looking for evidence-based-practice updates, ILearnEM provides an organized curriculum for self-study.

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