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Sexually Transmitted Infection

Discussing the viable options available in the empiric treatment of gonorrhea in the patient who has a cephalosporin allergy.



Discussing ED treatment of STIs (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, PID, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis) based on the 2015 CDC recommendations.


Discussing the etiology, differential diagnosis, clinical features, and the appropriate management & disposition of patients with pelvic inflammatory disease.




Toxic Shock Syndrome

Discussing the pathophysiology, clinical features, approach to diagnosis, and the red flags to look for in a patient with suspected toxic shock syndrome.



Overview of tetanus including etiology, clinical features, differential diagnosis, investigations, management and complications.



Fever in the Returning Traveler

A case-based discussion on the approach to fever in the returning traveller focusing on Malaria, Typhoid fever, and Dengue fever.


AIR Series: Infectious Disease, Heme/Onc

This AIR Series discusses the PROCess trial, antibiotic recommendations, abscess treatment, neutropenic fever, rules for blood cultures, vancomycin dosing.



Strep Throat Mimics

Discussing mimics to bacterial pharyngitis in patients presenting with a sore throat; including important details on history, physical exam, and additional investigations that may be required.


 Fever in the ER

A podcast overview of fever – including the pathophysiology of fever, differential diagnosis of both infectious and non-infectious causes, and approach to the patient with an elevated temperature – based off Rosen’s Chapter 12, with written summary.



Air Series: Infectious Disease Emergencies

This ALiEM series contains a selection of the 18 highest quality blog posts within the past 12 months (as of August 2016) related to Infectious Disease emergencies.


Common Antimicrobial Regimes

An overview of causative organisms and antibiotic regimes for a number of common bacterial infections seen in the ED.



Neutropenic Fever

A review of neutropenic fevers – discussing the definitions, risk stratification, appropriate investigations, and the initial management.

neutropenic fever

Viral Illnesses

A podcast discussion on Viral Illnesses – focusing on measles, mumps, rubella, herpes viruses, varicella, influenza, and hemorrhagic viruses – based off Rosen’s Chapter 122 with written summary.

viral illnesses


Bone & Joint Infections

A podcast discussion on Bone & Joint Infections – focusing on the pathogens, features, and treatment of osteomyelitis and septic arthritis – based off Rosen’s Chapter 128 with written summary.

Bone and Joint infections

Dengue Fever

A review of Dengue Fever – including the presenting symptoms, course of illness, diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Dengue Fever