Medical Complications in Pregnancy

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AIR Series: Ob/Gyn Module

Discussing medical complications, pre-eclampsia, ectopics, ovarian torsion and HELLP syndrome.


Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia

Discussing the risk factors, clinical examination, investigations and management of pre-eclampsia.



Medical and Surgical Emergencies

Discussing diagnoses that pregnant patients are at risk for and the challenges of lab test interpretation and imaging algorithms in the pregnant patient. The management of cardiac arrest in the pregnant patient and other presentations such as abdominal pain, shortness of breath, fever, and infection is also discussed.


Medical Complications

This podcast discusses various medical complications in the pregnant patient.



Pelvic Examination in the ED

Discussing evidence behind the reliability and utility of the pelvic exam in an acute setting.


PE in Pregnancy

A discussion for using D-dimer, CTPA, and ultrasound for diagnosing PE in the pregnant patient.



Intra-abdominal Catastrophes in Pregnancy 

Discussing non-obstetric intraabdominal emergencies in the pregnant patient – focusing on the presenting complaints, investigations and appropriate management.


Safe & Unsafe Medications in Pregnancy

Reviewing common teratogens, drug labeling systems, and common safe & unsafe “go-to” medications in pregnancy regularly used in the ED.

safe and unsafe preg


Rh Alloimmunization

Discussing the prevention of Rh-D Alloimmunization in the ED – focusing on indications for Rhogam and appropriate timing of dosing, as well as helpful investigations.

Rh alloimmunization

Co-morbid Medical Complications During Pregnancy

A podcast discussion on Medical Emergencies in Pregnancy focusing on comorbid conditions and the appropriate management for both mother and fetus – based off Rosen’s Chapter 178 with written summary

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