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Gastroenteritis, Constipation and Bowel Obstruction

Discussing the assessment, work-up and treatment of pediatric gastroenteritis and acute abdomen mimics.


Abdominal Pain and Appendicitis

Discussing the history, physical and work up of pediatric abdominal pain & appendicitis and key pearls on how to distinguish serious surgical causes from the very common diagnosis of gastroenteritis. 



Pyloric Stenosis

A case based approach to the presentation, laboratory abnormalities, use of ultrasound, and management in suspected pyloric stenosis.

Pyloric Stenosis

Biliary Atresia

Discussing the common presentation, classification, diagnosis, and management of infants with biliary atresia.




An overview of the clinical presentation, appropriate investigations and associated key findings, and the management of intussusception.


Neonatal Blood Stools

Discussing the differential diagnosis of neonatal bloody stools – including emergent and benign causes.

neonatal bloody stools


Button Battery Ingestion

Discussing the approach to button battery ingestion including concerning symptoms, investigations, and ED management.

button battery

Infectious Diarrhea

Discussing the various pathogens, historical considerations, usefulness of investigations, and when to treat pediatric infectious diarrhea.

Infectious Diarrhea


Pediatric GI Disorders

A podcast discussion on Pediatric GI Disorders – focusing on hyperbilirubemia, pyloric stenosis (and other biliary tract disorders), GERD, NEC, volvulus, intussusception, Hirschsrpung’s, Meckel’s, and HSP – based off Rosen’s Chapter 172 with written summary.

peds GI disorders