Approach to +

Trauma Resuscitation – Preparation 

Discussing the fundamentals of trauma and key steps in assessment and management of a major trauma patient.


Evaluation and Management

Discussing initial assessment and management including primary, secondary and tertiary surveys.




Part 1 of the Trauma Resuscitation Series discusses how to properly assess a trauma patient who arrives to the ED.



Part 2 of the Trauma Resuscitation Series discusses the various interventions that may have to be accomplished in the trauma bay.



Pearls and Pitfalls

This series discusses the latest in trauma controversies.

Part 1 deals with some trauma airway management, the value of the C-spine, vascular access options, resus fluids, hemostatic drugs such as tranexamic acid in trauma, the value of Recombinant Factor 7a and the use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrates in trauma.

Part 2 discusses key management strategies and controversies surrounding head, neck, chest, abdominal, pelvic and extremity trauma.



Trauma Air Series

Discussing when to give tranexamic acid, dealing with a pregnant trauma patient, indications for transfusions and REBOA.



Trauma in Pregnancy 

An in-depth podcast reviewing the many emergency considerations of trauma in pregnancy – based off Rosen’s Chapter 37, with pdf note summarization.


Penetrating Chest Trauma

A brief podcast discussion on penetrating chest trauma – focusing on important highlights in the primary survey.

chest trauma


Penetrating Wounds in the ED

A case-based discussion on an approach to penetrating wounds involving different anatomical locations, specific considerations, appropriate investigations, and initial treatments.

penetrating wounds

Traumatic ICH

Discussing an ED approach to the initial management of patient’s with traumatic Intracerebral Hemorrhage.

ICH management


ED Care of Amputations

Discussing amputation classifications, important info on history and physical exam, and an approach to the overall management of amputations.



Beyond the Basics +

Traumatic Arrests

This EMCrit podcast discusses the management of traumatic arrests including indications for thoracotomy.