ENT Emergencies

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ENT Emergencies

This podcast provides an extensive review on  managing epistaxis using a stepwise approach. Nose bleeds (anterior and posterior), malignant otitis externa, sensorineural hearing loss are some of the topics discussed.


Adult Epiglottitis

Discussing the differential diagnosis, radiological evidence and treatment of epiglottitis.


Discussing the etiology, an evaluation approach, investigations, and the prompt treatment considerations for epiglottitis.



Mandibular Dislocations

Discussing an extra-oral reduction technique of anterior mandible dislocation.


Posterior Epistaxis

An in-depth overview of the etiology, anatomical consideration, evaluation, and management of posterior epistaxis.



Peritonsilar Abscess

Discussing the hallmark clinical findings, pathogens, and management of peritonsilar abscesses – with video demonstration of peritonsilar abscess drainage.


Acute Rhinosinusitis

Discussing the presentation, classifications, and the approach to appropriate antibiotic use in acute rhinosinusitis.

acute rhinosinusitis


Pediatric Nasal Fractures

Discussing pediatric nasal fractures including the different anatomical considerations, initial evaluation, use of imaging, and appropriate management.

nasal fractures

Retropharyngeal Abscess

Discussing the concerning historical and exam findings, use of investigations, and treatment of retropharyngeal abscesses.

retropharyngeal abscess


Penetrating Neck Trauma

Discussing the anatomic considerations, red flags, specific injuries, and appropriate management of penetrating neck trauma

neck injuries