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For common fractures and MSK injuries we recommend the EM Cases Digest – MSK and Trauma which contains a collection of resources and EM cases podcasts covering a range of ED presentations on MSK injuries and fractures. Below are a few selected topics.


Hand Emergencies

Discussing various hand emergencies and tips on how to identify and manage them in the ED.


Hand Emergencies

Discussing the key clinical pearls and pitfalls in the recognition and management of many apparently benign hand emergencies that have serious morbidity.



Commonly Missed Uncommon Orthopedic Injuries

The first podcast discusses Lisfranc injuries, perilunate injuries, DRUJ injuries and pelvic apophyseal injuries.


Commonly Missed Uncommon Orthopedic Injuries Part 2

The second podcast is a round table discussion on syndesmosis injuries, distal bicep tendon and quadriceps tendon ruptures, as well as gastrocnemius tears.



Fifth Metatarsal Fracture (Jones)

Discussing the Jones Fracture and how to identify it on imaging compared to other common foot fractures.


Hip Fracture Morbidity

An overview of the epidemiology of hip fractures, the associated risk factors, presentation, diagnosis and management.



Supracondylar Fracture

An overview of the various types of supracondylar fractures, their radiological findings, and treatment in the ED.


AC Joint Separation

An overview of AC joint separation with an emphasis on injury mechanism, diagnosis and classification, and initial treatment.



Game Keeper’s Thumb

Discussing the anatomy of the ulnar collateral ligaments and examination techniques to elicit pain in a Game Keeper’s Thumb.


Patellar Tendon Rupture

A case-based overview of a patellar tendon rupture, assessment, diagnosis, and management.



Occult Fractures & Dislocations

Discussing the key diagnostic considerations in commonly missed occult fractures and dislocations.


Shoulder Dislocations

Discussing the mechanisms of injury, examination and Xray findings, and the various reduction techniques for shoulder dislocations.




Wrist and Forearm Injuries

A podcast overview of wrist and forearm injuries – focusing on specific fractures & instabilities with key imaging findings and their managements – Based off Rosen’s Chapter 51, with written summary.


Lisfranc Injury

A podcast discussion on the classification, diagnostic pathway, and management of Lisfranc injuries.



Calcaneous Fractures

Discussing the mechanisms of injury, classification, imaging findings, and ED management of calcaneous fractures.

calcaneous fracture


Beyond the Basics +

Splinting Videos

How to splint a Colles’ Fracture/Sugar tong splint.