Orthopedics – Lower Limb

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Patellar Tendon Rupture

A case-based overview of a patellar tendon rupture, assessment, diagnosis, and management.


Hip Fracture Morbidity

An overview of the epidemiology of hip fractures, the associated risk factors, presentation, diagnosis and management.



Lisfranc Injury

A podcast discussion on the classification, diagnostic pathway, and management of Lisfranc injuries.


Calcaneous Fractures

Discussing the mechanisms of injury, classification, imaging findings, and ED management of calcaneous fractures.

calcaneous fracture


Hip Dislocations

Discussing the mechanisms of injury, exam findings, imaging considerations, and the multiple reduction techniques for hip dislocations

hip dislocations

Pelvic Fractures

Discussing the classifications, mechanisms of injury, imaging considerations, and emergency management of pelvic fractures

pelvic fractures


Subtalar Dislocations

Discussing the mechanism of injury, presentation, imaging findings, and ED management including reduction techniques for subtalar dislocations

subtalar dislocation

True Knee Dislocations

A podcast discussion on true knee dislocations focusing on when to suspect this injury, key exam details, and when to consider urgent investigations.

kee dislocations


Commonly Missed Ankle Injuries

ankle injuries

MCL Injuries

Discussing the mechanism of injury, physical exam findings, classifications, and ED management of MCL injuries

MCL injuries


Pelvic Xrays

Discussing an approach to interpreting pelvic Xrays focusing on indications for specific views and fracture identification

pelvic xrays

Jones Fractures

A review of the classifications, mechanism of injury, exam and imaging findings, and appropriate management of Jones fractures.

Jones Fracture