Other Drugs

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Synthetic Drug Intoxication

Discussing synthetic drug intoxications; the symptomatology and management of the synthetic cannabinoids, cathinones (Bath Salts), and hallucinogens. 


Mushroom Poisoning

Discussing the evaluation and management of mushroom poisoning.



BB, CCB, Digoxin Toxicity

A podcast discussion on an approach to Beta Blocker, Calcium Channel Blocker, and Digoxin overdoses that lead to the hypotensive and bradycardic patient.

bb od

Intralipid Therapy

A brief overview of the mechanism of action, indication, administration, and complication of intralipid therapy.



Benzodiazepine Withdrawal

A review of benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome – focusing on the presentations, differential, investigations, and treatment considerations.

BZD withdrawal

ASA & NSAID Toxicity

A podcast discussion on ASA & NSAID toxicology – focusing on the presentation, management approaches, and complications of ASA and NSAID overdose – based off Rosen’s Chapter 149 with written summary.



Acetaminophen Toxicity

A podcast discussion on Tylenol toxicology – focusing on the stages of overdose, indications and specifics for treatment using NAC – based off Rosen’s Chapter 143 with written summary


Cardiovascular Drugs

A podcast discussion on cardiovascular drug toxicity – focusing on digoxin, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, clonidine, nitrates – based off Rosen’s Chapter 147 with written summary.

cardiovascular drugs


Hydrocarbon Toxicity

A podcast discussion on Hydrocarbon toxicity – focusing on the toxicological effects and ED management – based off Rosen’s Chapter 152 with written summary.

hydrocarbon toxicity


A podcast discussion on Caustic agent toxicity – oral exposure to caustic agents, including the ED management, complications and potential treatment – based on Rosen’s Chapter 153 with written summary



Lithium Toxicity

A podcast discussion on Lithium Toxicity – focusing on the presentation, risk factors, management, and complications – based off Rosen’s Chapter 154 with written summary

lithium toxicity

Iron & Heavy Metal Toxicity

A podcast discussion on Iron & Heavy Metal Toxicity – focusing on the presentation, phases of toxicity, the management of iron toxicity; as well as lead, arsenic, and mercury toxicity – based off Rosen’s Chapter 151 with written summary

heavy metals